Argentina: doing it right. After passing a groundbreaking gender identity law on Wednesday, Argentina, which became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage, now leads the entire world when it comes to trans rights.

The new law, which was passed by 55-0 and is expected to be signed by president Cristina Fernandez, grants trans people the right to legally change their gender identity without having to get approval from doctors or judges–and, importantly, without having to change their bodies at all first. Not having a valid ID that matches your gender identity is a huge barrier to access to education, employment, health care, you name it. As Kalym Sori, an Argentinian trans man said, “This is why the law of identity is so important. It opens the door to the rest of our rights.”

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Peter’s first read through.


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"What case could possibly justify this?"
"Magnussen. Charles Augustus Magnussen."

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So what happens if two people who have promised their firstborn to separate witches have a child together? Do they both just pop up in the nursery and have a custody battle?

I need a book about a little girl…

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zombie boyfriends making mix cds and drawing eachother please save this show god

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“If I can help to put him where he belongs, I’m yours to the rattle,” said our visitor with fierce energy. There was an intensity of hatred in her white, set face and her blazing eyes such as woman seldom and man never can attain. “You needn’t go into my past, Mr. Holmes. That’s neither here nor there. But what I am Adelbert Gruner made me. If I could pull him down!” She clutched frantically with her hands into the air. “Oh, if I could only pull him into the pit where he has pushed so many!”

—Kitty Winter, “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client”


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Trans Guys | Bind Kinder 

The use of ace bandages for binding is not only extremely uncomfortable, its dangerous. 

Ace bandages contract around the ribcage, not allowing your ribcage to expand as you breathe, furthermore, putting you at risk for deformed ribs from prolonged use, as well as broken rib bones. 

Always use a binder, which is specifically designed for binding and shaping the chest. 

Can’t afford a binder? contact Aydian Dowling at and get a binder for nothing more than the cost of shipping. 

for my brothers in need

Things I wish I’d known in high school. Guys seriously the ace bandages can do some serious damage, don’t do it. Huge thanks to whoever is at that email taking care of folks so kindly.

Boosting for this wonderful person’s email.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread this information and STOP DRAWING FANART/CREATING MEDIA THAT PORTRAYS USE OF ACE BANDAGES because not all trans people know this and will attempt to bind in dangerous ways if not given alternative methods!!

Please please please please please! Use binders, friends! I once tried to use Ace bandages to bind just for a cosplay and I couldn’t breathe after wearing them for only a few minutes. Get yourself a binder. I want you guys to be safe!! 

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